For fans of electronic crafts] Super gorgeous! The 17th (2013) Japan Media Arts Festival Award Winners

Hello, this is Bono.

On December 5, the award-winning works of the art event sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs were announced.
These works were so gorgeous that I would like to introduce them to you.

What is Japan Media Arts Festival?

The 17th Japan Media Arts Festival is now one of the largest art events in Japan, having started in 1997 and now in its 17th year.

The scale of the competition has grown each year, and this year, a whopping 4,347 entries were received from 84 countries around the world.

For what it's worth, I also submitted one art category myself.
I was easily eliminated from the competition.

There are four entry categories as follows, each with a Grand Prize, Excellence Award, Newcomer Award, and Jury Recommended Work. Art Division Entertainment Division Animation Division Cartoon Division


Among them, I picked up a few that I personally liked.

Art Department


The idea is to simply upload satellite photos of bombed areas attacked by unmanned aerial vehicles (drone) on social networking sites.

Social networking sites are a place where we share our everyday life with each other. The disturbing photos posted on social networking sites create an even more eerie atmosphere due in part to the gap effect.

For us Japanese, the battlefield is something we have only seen on the other side of the monitor, but this work reminds us that it is actually a very familiar issue.


Learn to be a Machine

Very simple work.

When the installed ball is moved, this person's gaze moves in that direction.

I did not actually see it, but perhaps its perfection is quite high and you can really feel as if there is a person on the other side.

This work somehow brings us back to the original purpose of media art.

It is a very sophisticated piece of artwork, simple in concept, understandable to all, and is my personal favorite part of yesterday.

And the surprise that the author is only 23 years old.

I would love to see it.


The SKOR Codex

The image and sound files were binaryized and daringly left in the "book".

There are CDs and hard drives, but in the end, books are ultimately the safest, which brings us back to the root of this as well.

I like this kind of work that makes me think, "Oh, yes! I like works that make me think, "Oh, yes!

It seems that the method for properly decrypting data is described in the instruction manual, and this is a work that seriously considers how to pass data to the distant future.


Entertainment Division

streaked baboon (Papio zezethus)

Zesehihi - Internet Referendum is a service for expressing opinions, run by Daisuke Tsuda.

I think the site was originally a collection of tweets from politicians, but before long both the service concept and site design were redesigned.

Right now, it is just a site for exchanging opinions, but it will be very interesting to see how it develops in the future since it was launched by Mr. Tsuda, who is always thinking about journalism and the state of the press.


TorqueL prototype 2013.03 @E3

It's a 2D action game, but it's different from conventional games in that you control the game by rotating or transforming the box.

He has won the Sense of Wonder Night event at the Tokyo Game Show, and his game sense is promising.
Especially since this event is based on the concept of unprecedented ideas, we would love to experience this new sensation.


Sports Time Machine

A running machine that allows you to play with your old and other people's records.

As you can see in the photo, a long running machine is set up in front of a huge display, and when you run, it is said to look like you are running with your past records, for example.

Is it like the Ghost of Maricar on the SNES?


Sound of Honda - Ayrton Senna 1989

Even if you are not an Ayrton Senna fan, you will be overwhelmed by the scale of his efforts.

This is a grand project to recreate Senna's driving with sound and light, based on the driving data of 1989 when he hit the world's fastest time.

Seeing Film gave me goosebumps for the first time in a long time.

Looking at the creators, Dentsu is all over the place.
That's what I'm talking about.


Full Control Tokyo

This work enables unprecedented use of smartphones, such as being able to control a computer with a smartphone, or uploading your own original percussion to music to SNS.

When you actually use it, you will experience a new sensation that is beyond your expectations, and you will have a feeling that the possibilities of the smartphone are still expanding.

It is also very complete as a work of art.

Tokyo City Symphony

I saw Mr. Oyagi introduce it at one of his previous events and became a fan at once.

TOKYO CITY SYMPHONY is a work that "performs" the city of Tokyo to music.

This is at the top level in terms of taste, perfection, and ideas.
Please come and experience it for yourself.

You can upload your own performances and view the works of others.


have had enough of something (both good and bad nuance)

It is really fun to see all the masterpieces.
I'm tired, so I'll give up on introducing other departments.