For Electronics Fans] Report on my visit to Maker Faire 2015

Good evening, this is Bono.

I went to the annual Maker Faire again this year, so I'll update you with what I found interesting.

Maker Faire 2015

A festival for electronic workers to experience the Maker Movement.

I was thinking of taking my family there again this year, since it is billed as a "family friendly" event. However, last year I took my wife there and she fell ill immediately afterwards (causal relationship unknown), and she still had that impression of the event in her mind, so I decided to go alone.

Every year, the size of the event expands, and this year there will be 300-400 booths? It is almost impossible to visit all of them.

Maker Faire Tokyo 2015 | Make: Japan

Maker Faire 2015


Heightened expectations.

Photo 2015 08 01 11 32 58

This is the line in front of the venue!

Photo 2015 08 01 12 06 42

This heat!

Photo 2015 08 01 13 13 29 36

Introduction of items of interest

Scribble Monsters

The characters you draw yourself appear on the screen, and you can control them to fight against your opponent.

The UI is like Str2 as it were. It is quite complete.

I also drew a Gundam-like character and fought with elementary school students, and it was quite heated.

As for how hands and feet are recognized, it is said that they are identified as hands and feet by recognizing the protruding parts of the illustration.

Photo 2015 08 01 12 35 47


It seems to be a Dracula-like RPG with two peppers, playing the hero and the demon king, respectively.

There were about five other "pepper-kuns" in the vicinity, giving me the strange feeling that I had truly arrived in a futuristic world.

Pepper Quest


We had this booth last year as well, and it is still as popular as ever. Children were very interested in it.

This picture shows a fruit or spoon that can be used as a control to make sounds.


Tomorrow's Manufacturing Study Group

It seems to be a Fujitsu circle activity.

I was amazed at the high level of perfection and ideas that people interested in making things sometimes get together after work to work on their activities.

Among the most interesting were "TASCLIP," which allows users to clip documents and manage them as tasks on their smartphones, and "ONOF," which allows users to change the color and music of a space with an hourglass-like gadget in their hand.

It is amazing that so few hardware stores should be able to produce so much "stuff".

Tomorrow's Manufacturing Study Group

sole concession

An out-of-this-world solenoid contest sponsored by a solenoid manufacturer.

This was the third time they were recruiting for this event.

The following photo seems to be the excellent work of the previous contest.

I thought it was a strange contest, but the chairman of the jury was the president of Maywa Denki! You see the president in many places.

sole concession


I saw it for the first time in person.

I couldn't tell the difference between this and an ordinary watch at all through the screen, but when I saw the actual part, its texture is quite unique.

It really looks like paper.

The pattern changes each time the button on the right side of the clock is pressed, but the transition is not instantaneous.

And it is light.



What we have been able to introduce this time is really only a part of the whole.

This year, there were fewer demonstrations of 3D printers, which had been common in previous years, and more robotics and IOT-related exhibits.

What was also impressive was the fact that the exhibits were hampered by "wireless congestion" at booths everywhere I went. This may be a symbol of the fact that everything is connected wirelessly through IOT and other means. Next year, the management may be required to take some kind of action.

I would like to put something out next year as an ikumen project!