For Electronic Craft Fans] 9 Items of Interest at the 3rd Yokohama Gadget Festival

Good evening, this is Bono.

I went to the Gadget Festival at Fuji Xerox in Yokohama.

This year was the third time, and 40 gadgets were exhibited, double the number of the previous year's event.

Overall Atmosphere

atmosphere (e.g. musical)

It was lively.

Carpet painting device

20161118 184951 4 31097554495 o

Hats off to the idea.

Home Earthquake Detectors

20161118 190052 6 30289114294 o

savings box

20161118 190545 8 30955407962 o

They created the character in Unity.

automatic waterer

20161118 190856 11 30289135544 o

Created by a student. Exterior is 3D printer.

VR Goggles

20161118 192548 17 31097588225 o

Features such as scouters, eyes of the reaper, etc.

AR Shogi

20161118 193332 20 30955426592 o

I really agreed with him when he said that chess should incorporate more and more entertainment because it is impossible to beat AI.

Insect IOT

20161118 194806 26 30955443812 o

It was very cute. It also sounds properly like an insect. Equipped with a motion sensor, etc. (as I recall,...)

ping-pong racket

20161118 195611 33 30984005241 o

This work was submitted to Gugen2016. We were able to meet the creator.

Wearable Pyonkichi

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