For fans of electronic crafts] The works of “Gugen2013,” a contest for realizing the futuristic commonplace, are too amazing.


Good evening, this is Bono.

There are many contests related to the Web and IT, such as the Mashup Award and Yahoo Creative Award.

However, I have the impression that there are still very few contests related to hardware.

Gugen is a contest for those hungry for such hardware inventions.

What is Gugen?

The electronics contest started in 2008. This year is already the 5th year.

Its concept is simply to realize "the normal of the future.
I personally like this concept.

The application period closed on November 20, but the exhibition will be held at Shibuya from November 30 to December 2, so if you are interested, please visit the exhibition.

Gugen - Let's realize the "Futuristic Futuristic"!

Works of Interest

There are about 150 works, all of which are groundbreaking and unprecedented.
I made a very selective list of things I'm interested in.

GP Mini 4WD

The old-fashioned mini four-wheel drive.
This work allows you to control your mini 4WD with your voice just like Retsu and Go.

This work is truly a fulfillment of a childhood dream!



A device that connects Romba to a tablet and allows the user to move around while video chatting.
It is very futuristic.

There seems to be a great need for long distance couples or fathers who are working alone.


Device to raise glasses that have slipped down

It may be intended to be a hit, but it is likely to be a very useful product for people who actually wear glasses.

The device is still huge though lol.

I wear glasses myself, so I totally understand how you feel.
I want it!" There are quite a few of them.


Interactive Funeral

This is a great idea. This is the funeral of the future.

A craft that allows people to burn incense wherever they are in the world.
It is practical, futuristic, and has a great point of view.


Humanoid Robot Hot Sandwich Factory

How did you inflate a mere hot sandwich maker so much? lol

The robots are cute, and children will surely be delighted if they are made with this.


Personal Cosmos

A must for space lovers.
The idea is to convert JAXA and NASA data and project it on a sphere. Anything can be done, including Mars, Venus, and the Moon.


for now

I guess that's about it. There are many more, but each one is so perfect that I can't introduce them all.

Let's go see them in person!