AI Apps

An application that determines the presence of tumors from MRI images of the brain.

Using deep learning technology, this application learns several hundred MRI images to determine if there is a tumor in the brain.
I wrote about it on Qiita for more details.

参考 I made an application to determine if there is a tumor from MRI images of the brain.Qiita 参考 Continuation of my work on an application to determine if a tumor is present from MRI images of the brain (talk about improving accuracy).Qiita

*This work is a personal application created to learn machine learning.
Please note that the contents have not been fully verified and should not be used in actual business or medical practice.

writing (e.g. as a profession)

Engineering Company

Electronics Guidebook for Non-Engineers

参考 Electronics Guidebook for Non-Engineers工学社

CQ Publishing Interface July 2021

Part 1 Chapter 11

While building an IoT globe.
Total Finish...Total review of the manufacturing process.

Part 2 Chapter 3

A strong ally in prototyping
Schematic & Breadboard Drawing Tools

参考 Interface July 2021CQ出版

Electronics and Web Services

IoT Globe (Contributed work for Interface July 2021)

The IoT globe, as the name suggests, is an IoT version of a globe, a new educational gadget that allows users to visually understand the relationship between the earth's rotation and the passage of time.

When the globe is rotated one revolution, the image from the fixed-point camera on the browser switches according to the angle of rotation.
(For example, rotating the globe 180° switches the camera image for 12 hours.)

Microcontroller board: Raspberry Pi Pico
BLE module: RN4020
Geomagnetic sensor: GY-9250
Lithium-ion polymer battery
Lithium-ion polymer battery control board

Python use.

参考 explanatory article今日から始める電子工作 参考 Interface July 2021CQ出版サイト

mimie|An elephant watching over children with sound (work exhibited at GUGEN2017)

It is an item to watch over children with "sound".

When I play with my children on a regular basis, I am amazed at how they grow a little tougher and more active each day.
On the other hand, parents (or at least I) tend to assume that their children will always be children, and end up restricting them from going to dangerous places or out of their sight.
However, if you look carefully, you will notice that children avoid danger and are cautious in their own way.
Then I stopped and thought, "If I could only detect when a child is in trouble, wouldn't I be able to watch him or her with peace of mind when he or she goes off to explore wherever he or she likes?" This was the impetus for the development of the system.

MIMIE consists mainly of a microphone and speaker, a Raspberry Pi, and SORACOM, and uses the empath API for emotional recognition of whether or not a person is in trouble.
Therefore, as a primary filter, we use a chainer to identify whether the voice is that of your child or not, similar to speaker recognition.
For this purpose, we use docomo's chat dialog API and text-to-speech API so that we can acquire children's voices while chatting happily.

However, there was a lot of noise, especially in the outside environment, and I had difficulty getting only my own children's voices.
Although the concept has been completed, we are still working on improving the accuracy and speed of the system.

Python use.

参考 explanatory article今日から始める電子工作 参考 mimie - An elephant that watches over children with 'soundGUGEN2017

Cocktail Cube|Ice that colors the space with the color of cocktails (work exhibited at GUGEN2016)

The room is tinged with the color of cocktails, and the ice is magical.

At first glance, cocktail cubes look like regular ice cubes.
But when placed on a glass and poured with colorful cocktails, the entire room is drenched in cocktail color.

  • Cube has built-in color sensor and Bluetooth module
    The color sensor reads the color of the liquid and sends the information to the smartphone via Bluetooth. The smartphone sends the received information to Phillips hue, which can emit light in any color, and glows according to the color read by the color sensor.

  • Register your favorite colors and enjoy them anytime!
    The cube is connected to the smartphone, so when a favorite color is found, it can be memorized on the app.
    Once memorized, the color can be enjoyed again and again simply by touching it from the list.

  • Can be used as ice, of course.
    A cooling gel is also built into the small space and can be used as regular ice.

Arduino language (C language) used.

参考 explanatory article今日から始める電子工作 参考 cocktail cubeGUGEN2016

Digital Mahjong|A completely new mahjong tile using technology (conceptual level)

Digital Mahjong is a completely new mahjong tile that makes full use of technology.

It has an OLED display and coils for wireless power transfer and transmission/reception.

By communicating through the coils in the mat, the position of the tiles and their roles can be confirmed.
The system also provides a production when a player makes an "aga" (a winning hand) and a point stick calculation in conjunction with a smartphone.

Could digital mahjong change your mahjong life?

Various self-made electronic boards

Here we introduce some of the gadgets we have created.

  • Mimie," a gadget that uses sound to watch over children
  • The world's first? Ice-shaped gadget: "Cocktail Cube," which illuminates space in the color of cocktails
  • AYATORI" gadget for smartphones in collaboration with a venture company
  • Board for examination to detect USB and earphone jack signals
  • Pulse transformer circuit for FET drive
  • frequency-to-voltage converter
  • Examination board for simplified MBD (model-based design)

I have made a lot of things, but what I want to tell you is that electronics work and manufacturing are fun! I want to tell you that electronics and making things are fun!

I hope this gives you all some sense of that feeling.

If you haven't started electronics yet, why don't you start with us?

Web apps and APIs

STORY TO AUCTION|Auctions that describe the thoughts and feelings of the sellers


This is a place where auctioneers can share their passion and stories.

These days, Yahoo! has certainly lost some of the fun it once had.
This is because the uniformity of vendors' exhibits has flooded the market, and the exhibits that have been handled with great care by individuals have become less noticeable.

By nature, used goods vary greatly in condition depending on who the owner is and what kind of feelings the owner had about the item.

It would be a shame to see items that have been used with great care buried.
Somehow, I want to convey my feelings about my exhibit to the bidders.

Story to Action provides such a place.

We encourage those who are considering exhibiting to take a look, as well as those who just want to enjoy looking at the products that are filled with "thought".

参考 story to auctionアーカイブ

Media Coverage: Techable

Real Estate Asset Valuation Reporting Web App

An application that creates a form and displays a "property evaluation report" in the browser that shows how much property value the property can maintain in the future if used real estate is acquired and renovated.
Creation of form screen
Display of calculation results and graphs
Formatting of web pages for print layouts
Use of PHP and JavaScript
Created on consignment as a sales tool for a real estate company.

Let's walk forward.

How can we get people to look forward when walking on the phone was becoming a social problem? This installation was created with this in mind.
When the phone is pointed down, it rains and water droplets collect on the screen.
As you point your phone forward, the water droplets fall and the weather clears.

It was created in HTML5 using Bezier curves.

Task Registration API

An API that supports RESTful APIs and allows users to register, read, update, and delete tasks.
Implemented using Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL. Output format is JSON.


automated system

Various automated systems were created using Selenium.
The following is an example
The language is Python.

Below is a list of automated systems we have created. Including those not fully shown in the images, I think I have created about 30-40 systems.


I have entered and participated in various contests and hackathons. Below are a few examples of the awards we have received.

Manufacture and sale of gadgets

We collaborated with a venture company to produce a gadget for smartphones.
I was in charge of the circuit design of the board inside.



Light-connected "accessories" (gadgets for smartphones)

Sales page

参考 AYATORI Development Kit Red--Limited Stockスイッチサイエンス


参考 AYATORI - Light up your relationshipsindiegogo