Engineer Talk] A story about how electronics has enriched my life.


About Engineer Talk

About Careers as a Hardware Engineer

What I thought about doing electronics.

About what you want to do in the future

subject (of taxation, etc.)

If you think "life is boring" or "maybe I'm not cut out to be an engineer...

My old self

junior engineer

  • I couldn't do the job at all, and they wouldn't give me a big job.

Who I am now.

Electronics changed my life.

  • To the leader of the element group.

  • Successfully changed jobs to the company of my first choice.

  • Over 17,000 channel subscribers

  • Published in Interface (CQ Publishing), published in book (Kogaku-sha)

What Electronics has Brought to the World

Encounters with Technology

  • 3D printers, laser cutters, mechanical design, programming, AI, IoT,,

Encounters with People

  • Manufacturing mentors, horizontal connections in the company, and connections with the publishing industry.

Encountering the New You

  • Gained confidence + became interested in various things → began to try various things

What we want to tell you

Change your life with electronics.

We look forward to your requests and comments!