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I love technology, IT, and manufacturing, and I want to contribute to the world through them.

Therefore, we offer the following services to companies and individuals in need.
Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation and estimate!

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Service Menu

This is an example of the services we can provide. We can provide services other than those listed below, so please feel free to contact us.

  • AI application creation, AIoT prototyping
  • Create ChatGPT prompt
  • Providing know-how on YouTube management, video shooting, etc.
  • Writing technical articles, books and magazine articles
  • Product Introduction in Video
  • Intermediary for communication with overseas manufacturers (negotiation, negotiation, consultation in English)
  • Prototyping of IoT gadgets
  • Mass Production Support
  • MATLAB/Simulink basic operation support
  • Career/career change counseling for engineers, resume correction, and interview preparation
  • Providing know-how on how to study English for engineers and how to conduct meetings in English.
  • Consultation on the use and purchase of tools, measuring instruments, and digital fabrication (3D printers and laser cutters)
  • DX promotion support for SMEs
  • Wall hitting on management issues, idea generation, etc.

Skills and experience

These are the main skills and experience I possess.

AI/Machine Learning/Automation Related

  • TensorFlow
  • Learning model creation / data collection / data processing / data analysis
  • Selenium/JupyterLab/Google Colaboratory
  • Create prompt for ChatGPT

Web related

  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • PHP/Laravel
  • Ruby/Ruby on Rails
  • Python/Flask/Django
  • REACT/Next.js
  • AWS

YouTube/Video Editing/Media Relations

  • Video editing software: PremierePro, AfterEffect, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Video shooting and YouTube management know-how: more than 3 years of management experience
  • SNS followers: 23,100 on YouTube, 1190 on Twitter (as of July 13, 2023)
  • Wrote articles for magazines: IoT gadget creation and technology introduction
  • Book author: Electronics Guidebook for Beginners

Electronics/Electrical design related

  • Power circuit design and evaluation: 300W output equivalent
  • Circuit simulation: mainly using LTspice
  • Board design: mainly using KiCad
  • 3D model design: Fusion360
  • Digital fabrication: 3D printers, laser cutters
  • MBD (Model Based Design) element study using MATLAB/Simulink
  • Experienced industry: 10 years in the printer industry, 5 years in the automotive industry
  • Planning, design, and manufacturing of IoT gadgets at the individual level

language study

  • TOEIC: 785 points (as of April 2018)
  • English Conversation: Business level (3+ years of work experience: English discussion/project promotion/specification consultation, etc.)

Service Charges

5,500 yen per hour of actual work (tax included)
*Quotations are free of charge.


Please be aware of the following points

  • The above fees are fixed regardless of the nature of the job.
  • Please note that fees will be incurred for actual work for any reason (e.g., advance preparation, research, documentation, etc.).
  • Due to limited resources, we will stop accepting applications when we reach capacity.
  • If you are not satisfied with the service, you will receive a full refund (in that case, please contact us within one month of the end of the project).

Inquiry Form

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