If the information on free sites is not enough for you, check out Code Grid, a paid information site for web developers.

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Good evening, this is Bono.

News sites such as Gunosy and Vingow are becoming more and more convenient.
There are many free sites that provide technical explanations.
I'm sure there are quite a few people (myself included) who have been indebted to dot-install.

Basically, these free sites are sufficient, but as a web developer, you may find that they are not enough.

We recommend the paid information site "Code Grid".
Use as few images as possible, as only those who have paid can see the site.
If someone from Code Grid sees it and gives me permission to advertise it more, I'll post more! I'll post more if I get permission to do so.

By the way, I am not getting paid for this.

Code Grid

What is Code Grid?

A pay-per-view information site operated by Pixel Grid Inc. 840 yen per month.

Pixel Grid is a JavaScript company, and its technology is quite impressive.
I once heard a lecture from this company (CSS Nite in Shizuoka 2013/6/15 by Mr. Oyamada), and he was thoroughly using a library that had just come out.

PixelGrid Inc.

Recommendation 1: Technical explanations are quite detailed.

This alone is worth the money spent.

Of course, this is a technical site, so the technical explanations are uncompromising and easy to understand.
Each piece of code has a detailed technical explanation, so much so that you can basically understand what you are doing just by reading it.

After that, as a supplementary explanation, it tells you that "it is better to use a function called XX instead of setTimeout for this part, because..." or "note that this part is not supported by this version of Safari".

Recommendation 2: A wealth of information

There is so much information that a book would not be able to contain it all.

And because it is categorized in a neat and easy-to-read format, it is easy to find what you want to do.

Recommendation 3: Wide range of technologies

Pixel Grid is a JavaScript company, but it is very diverse, including HTML5, CSS, jQuery, CoffeScript, and various APIs.

Recommendation 4: Know how to gather information

I guess this is a pretty high point for me.

Web developers are always curious about how others gather information. Are my current methods really correct? I sometimes feel uneasy about it.

Moreover, it is not something that I actively talk to people about, such as how I collect.

However, Code Grid is proactive in disclosing this information.
It is a rare opportunity to hear first-hand how the top rankers in the web industry gather information.

Recommendation 5: Regularly updated

It is updated regularly at the rate of two per week (I believe). They will also notify you by email.
It is always new and fresh.


So there are good things about free and good things about paid.
If you feel limited by the free site, why not sign up for a trial, even if only for a month?