For Electronic Craft Fans] I went to Maker Faire 2013 and found a lot of hints for making things.

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Good evening, this is Bono.

Finally, the Maker Faire 2013, which I had been looking forward to, was held and I went.
I'll focus on the ones that caught my attention because there were many hints for making things, such as electronics, installations, and digital fabrication.

There were more than 200 booths and I can't introduce them all, so I will write about them in several parts.

What is Maker Faire?

This is an electronics exhibition held only once a year. Some are exhibited by venture companies, while others are exhibited by teams or individuals. In short, anyone can participate as long as they have something to exhibit that appeals to the public.

This year, the event will be held on November 3 and 4.

Maker Faire Tokyo 2013 | Make: Japan

Attention has increased every year, and this year a whopping 120,000 people visited the event.

The amount of people was indeed amazing. There wasn't a booth that didn't have people in it.

I went there anyway.

Arrived at the venue around 11:00 on 11/4. Purchased a same-day ticket for 1,500 yen.
There was a bit of a line at the advance ticket booth, but on the contrary, the same-day tickets were empty. Maybe because they are expensive.

The venue was already full of enthusiasm. This atmosphere is so bad! It's so masculine.

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Introduction of items of interest

Little Bits

This electronic toy is fun for both adults and children. The novelty is that multiple parts can be connected with magnets to easily create a keyboard.


Photo 2013 11 04 11 17 13

Visualize your dream

People doing interesting research in a coworking space-like place in the US.
Brain waves are read by a special magnetic sensor, and the movements of the brain waves are read and visualized and displayed on a display.

They can tell from emotions such as fun or fear.

Photo 2013 11 04 11 19 55

3D printer that can draw

Another service for children, where they can draw on an iPad, which is then printed out by a 3D printer and given as a gift.

It's so exciting for kids, they can make a keychain in 10 minutes.

Photo 2013 11 04 11 29 12

3D scan

The booth of Autodesk, which is always a great help to us, was indeed the best seat in the house.

Here, people enter a booth with 18 iPhones and create 3D data by taking pictures from 360 degrees.

It can be taken with considerable accuracy.

The pictures are from different angles, the more the better.
At the level of a few sheets, many areas of missing images occur, and the images are not clean.

Photo 2013 11 04 11 32 56

High-precision anything inkjet

This looks promising. A device that can apply glue or solder paste at certain intervals with high precision.

The photo shows the application at 0.5mm pitch. It was very clean and perfect.

Photo 2013 11 04 11 45 03

Vibrating Objects

This was electric and interesting.
The idea is to use the magnetic flux leakage from the motor to vibrate a certain magnet, and use the vibration to move the magnet up, down, left, and right.

According to the story, apparently this method was already patented about 20 years ago.

However, few people use it, perhaps because of its limited use, and these people, perhaps thinking it was a waste, decided to make a replica.

Photo 2013 11 04 11 47 38

poster machine

I don't know if there is a need for this kind of thing lol.
A device to put away embarrassing posters when friends come to visit, for example. It's rolled up by a motor.

Just take it off. lol. Oops, I shouldn't say that.

Photo 2013 11 04 11 54 33

the Persimmon Throne

This is interesting. I don't use it, though.
Using a 3D printer, they have created a throne dedicated to persimmon seeds, to my surprise.

The idea is interesting! I don't use it, but lol.

Photo 2013 11 04 11 54 54

Fully automatic shut-in machine

When a switch is pressed, the machine turns itself off.
This is interesting!

Moreover, after repeating the exchange a few times, the machine will start to twitch and spin around, and finally switch itself off.

Was it something that was introduced on Nico?

What a surprise, the poster putting away machine, the persimmon seed throne, and the fully automatic shut-in machine are all in the same booth. Oh no.

Photo 2013 11 04 11 56 45


There's so much going on. To be continued in the next issue!