For Electronic Arts Fans] Maker Faire 2013 Report Continued

Good evening, this is Bono.

This is the second installment of the Maker Faire 2013 report. This time, too, there is a lot to look forward to.
Let's keep introducing them.

Report Continued

flapping wings

A plane made entirely of vinyl, wire, and a motor that can be controlled with a smartphone. It has a small circuit board on it and communicates via Bluetooth.

I was amazed at how simple it was really made, and yet flew splendidly. It was like they were particular about the way they threaded the wire and so on.

By the way, all the wireless communications we saw today were Bluetooth. Some only used the Bluetooth Low Energy standard.

Photo 2013 11 04 12 23 13
Photo 2013 11 04 12 26 46

Epson receipt printer

They hacked a receipt printer; the library is available at Epson.

I looked it up and found it...nice work, Epson.
Various Control Methods|Receipt Printer|Products|Epson

Incidentally, this exhibit allows visitors to select a number on their iPhone, and the story progresses according to that number.

Photo 2013 11 04 12 27 50

Sha-sha-sha brush

Toothbrush hack for kids. The toothbrush has a built-in konashi, and when you blow on it, a character on the iPad brushes your teeth.

Wireless communication via Bluetooth Low Energy with konashi.

Nearby, they are planning to crowdfund. Vinclu, which is coming up later this year, was also doing a campfire. I'm curious to see how it turned out.

Photo 2013 11 04 12 34 18

This is konashi!

Photo 2013 11 04 12 39 15


Cute robot, Rapiro, which I saw at the hackathon in July, is still cute even after seeing it again and again.
They were also very popular with children at this year's exhibition.

If you look closely at the hand, you will see a servo motor attached to it.

Photo 2013 11 04 12 47 43

I'll make anything, maybe!

This is a famous blog that anyone who does electronics must have seen at least once.
I have been a part of it many times. I never thought I would see you here.

This time, he made his own 3D printer! That's what I'm talking about.
They had a demo and printed well. Starbucks amps also sold well.

Although his main job is as a programmer, we saw that he is also quite knowledgeable about hardware.

By the way, as I was talking, another person said, "I'm looking at your blog!" I'm looking at your blog! That's what I'm talking about.

Photo 2013 11 04 12 58 36
Photo 2013 11 04 12 58 32

Spanner in the Browser

The world's first browser that can be used as a spectrum analyzer.

The principle, simply put, seems to be that radio waves are received by a radio receiver, converted into audio signals by an audio amplifier, and then input into a personal computer, which analyzes the signals and outputs the signals on a browser.

It is surprising that a web browser that we usually use somehow becomes a measuring instrument.

Photo 2013 11 04 13 04 10

Running motors with iPhone

This looks like wired communication using the audio jack, not wireless.

The position information of the iPhone is acquired and transmitted to the motor to control it. Incidentally, the position information of the iPhone seems to be a PWM signal in both the x-axis and y-axis according to the position, with 0 for the left end %、右端なら100%.

Photo 2013 11 04 13 08 04
Photo 2013 11 04 13 09 43

Laser scan of kinect's reflection

This is complex electronic work.
The kinect recognizes people, binarizes them, and accordingly emits a laser beam that scans the galvanometer mirrors and projects them on the wall.

Incidentally, they used a patch program called Quartz Composer, a visualization software similar to Max/MSP.

Photo 2013 11 04 13 13 52

for now

That's all for now, I hope I have introduced you to all the booths of interest on the first floor.