[For Electronic Arts Fans] Maker Faire 2013 Report Continued

Report further continued

Hello, this is Bono.

This report is already on its third one. I guess it's time to finish.

Maker Faire is held on the 1st, 3rd, and 7th floors of Miraikan.
Having taken a quick look at the main first floor, I next went to the third and seventh floors.

Make letters with bubbles

This is a device that says that the letters you Tweet are bubbles and letters. It's hard to tell from the picture, but it certainly looked like "O" when I typed "O".

How is this done? It is a fairly simple mechanism, using a foam generator, and then servo motors are installed in each tube to control the bubbles by opening and closing the lid.

I was impressed with the developer who apologetically explained how it works lol.

But I thought the idea was great, though the mechanism is certainly simple.

Photo 2013 11 04 13 23 46
Photo 2013 11 04 13 24 25

What color are the shadows?

Electronic construction using light. Using the addition and subtraction of the three primary colors of light, the artist creates shadows that appear to be colored by the angle at which the light hits them.

They have been used a lot lately for weddings and such. It is indeed beautiful and lovely.

Photo 2013 11 04 13 27 10

retro guitar

A retro keyboard turned into a guitar, a craft that seems to be very popular at these electronic craft fairs.

Each keyboard is assigned a retro electronic sound, giving the user a nostalgic feeling.

Photo 2013 11 04 13 35 47

Instruments played in the rain

Personally, it was pretty much the biggest hit I've seen today.

As shown in the photo, the gadget is installed in a window and a melody is played when rain drips on it.

The idea is based on the mechanism that rain conducts electricity.

The gadget has two electrodes placed two pieces apart, and when rain passes between them, it makes a sound throughout the path.
Rainy days will be fun. Nice.

Photo 2013 11 04 13 51 42

Oculus Hack

Oculus, the popular wearable gadget, was used here for the videoconferencing system.

Photo 2013 11 04 13 55 02


Here it is! vinclu, the winner of the hardware category at the Mashup Camp in July. My uncle is very interested in it.
The video was done and powered up.

Photo 2013 11 04 14 00 11

pop-up character

This was quite kid-friendly.

When text is captured by the camera, the system recognizes the text and outputs an image on the monitor.
Here, there were several animals available for children, such as rabbits and alligators.

The recognition accuracy was also quite good and could be used in the future for new children's educational software or other applications.

Photo 2013 11 04 14 00 23

Clever fan

This is not just a fan. It is the fruit of technology.

Assumed to be used in a large office or something.
Since different people feel heat differently, the idea is to change the intensity of the wind according to the person.

To see how to change it, use the panel marked "Dis" in the photo.

The fan has a built-in camera that stops the wind wherever its panel is captured.
Some of these panels have adjustable volume, and in that one, the wind intensity can be adjusted.

And what's more, it remembers the movement and adjusts the wind accordingly the next time without the panel.

What's more, this fan was made with a 3D printer.

Photo 2013 11 04 14 03 40

Projection with Mario

The trendy projection mapping was used for Mario.
The blocks are made of LEGO and can be freely customized.

The kids were so excited.

Photo 2013 11 04 14 10 24

Fukushima Wheel

I was also interested in this one, which won a prize at Japan Nite and successfully won a trip to the U.S.
The president is flying in just in time for this week's announcement.

It is intended to be used by renting bicycles.
The pollution level of the air will be acquired by sensors, which will be transmitted to the Web to monitor the pollution level of the land.

And since the rental bike fee is covered by the advertising fee for the light attached to the wheel, the fee for using the bike is free.

I like the way you've thought this through from a business standpoint.

Photo 2013 11 04 14 12 48

It's finally over.

I only went around for about three hours and found so many interesting things.
Awesome Maker Faire, I'll definitely go again next year.

Finally, I was so inspired that I bought the following two Make books. I want to do something with kinect myself.