HUMAN PICTOGRAM 2.0, a highly recommended Web site when you want to use pictograms.

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Hello, this is Bono.

Recently, I had an opportunity to use various types of pictograms for web services.
Web site found there.


About 1,000 types of pictograms!

An astonishing number. Moreover, the number is actually much more than that, because for each of them, general-purpose pictograms, men's pictograms, women's pictograms, suits, and so on, are prepared.

Separated by category, easy to understand.

It is categorized into eight categories: sports, public, business, emotional, women, professional, interesting, and other.
I especially recommend the interesting ones.

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A wide variety of data formats!

Three types are available: illustrator Ai, PNG, and JPG.
I was especially impressed with the Illustrator Ai available. I can change the colors and customize the shape for myself.

I was able to change the color myself.

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Even attachments are distributed!

I am impressed again. What a surprise, even hats and hairstyles are well prepared.
This alone can be customized.

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All this for free!

All of these services are free of charge. And no special application is required.

Highly recommended!

Frankly, I think I may have never seen a service that is so comprehensive, so easy to customize, and so free.

It may be an exaggeration, but I believe that sites like this are supporting the development of the web industry today.

So, everyone, let's feel free to use it.