For electronics fans] I went to Tokyo Designers Week 2013 to look for stuff I could use for Fab.

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Good evening, this is Bono.

I participated in TDW2013, so I will focus on interesting topics, especially those that may be useful for fabrication and gadget creation.

What's TDW?

tokyo designers week 2013 tokyo designers week 2013

The scoring is held every year, where designers gather. It attracts a lot of attention, and this year 120,000 people are expected to visit the show in one week.
Also, there is art all over Tokyo derived from this.

Basically, the focus was on design and art, but there were a few interesting pieces of hardware as well, including the occasional electronic piece.

We're here.

Incidentally, there is also a system called Facebook Discount.
With this, a ticket normally priced at 2,500 yen becomes 1,500 yen. Cheap!

Linking SNS and events is a win-win for participants and organizers, and I think it will accelerate more in the future.

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They were using Leap Motion at the Docomo booth!

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This was the last one to go around, but the first to be introduced. It was of most interest.

At this booth, interactive artwork that detected the movement of the user's hand was displayed on the screen, and blocks and fish gathered around the user's hand.

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And they are using that Leap Motion for the hand movement sensors. The guide told me that 18 Leap Motion sensors are installed under the table. And of course, 18 computers!

Leap Motion

It shows the effort that Docomo has put into this project. I am very curious to know which team produced it.

My impression was that the sensor's sensitivity was quite accurate in detecting hand movements, even with both hands (although the staff explained that it could only detect one hand), and that it could detect two or three finger movements reasonably well.

They put a lot of effort into not only sensors, but also music and displays, and this is the queue.

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NFC use at Samsung booth?

I didn't go in this one because there were too many people, but there was some kind of display outside the booth.

Apparently, a person registers his or her original image on a smartphone-type gadget inside the tent, and when the gadget is placed on a stand outside, something will play on the display according to that registered information.

I haven't looked inside, and my guess is that it uses the NFC sensors that are so popular these days.

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Google Glass?

At first I thought it was Google Glass, but it appears to be Oculus, a wearable computer for gaming? It seems to be a wearable computer for games called Oculus.

I don't usually play games, but there are people making videos of Hatsune Miku popping up, and the range of applications seems wide.

Farewell to Reality! VR Headset "Oculus Rift" Looks Amazing - NAVER Summary

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chocolate art

This is not particularly hardware related, but it caught my interest simply because I like chocolate.

It is amazing how chocolate can take on so many different forms.

Photo 2013 11 03 15 39 52

Kendama Art

I put this up for personal interest as well. How can you expand your creativity so far with a single kendama?
The picture on the left, in which the "bitten apple" resembles a kendama sideways, is particularly cute.

Photo 2013 11 03 15 34 40

Playground equipment that can be assembled

I wanted something like this when I was a little girl myself.
This is a playground equipment for children, which is made by combining colorful parts. Children at the venue were happy to play with it.
Playground equipment is required to be very strictly safe, but once the barriers are overcome, that may be one of the few blue oceans out there.

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I honestly didn't understand this well as a piece of work. But was it a current sensing sensor or something else? I was curious because it was using a board I had never seen before.

Photo 2013 11 03 14 44 27

Gears made of paper

This could also be used for something if you want to make Eco-friendly Fabrication. It's paper, so it's easy to make, plus it's easy to process and easy to make. I'll keep it in mind.

Photo 2013 11 03 14 21 09

3D printer

3D printers are now quite well-known. It has become a very popular booth.
There was even a business card case made with a 3D printer, which was cute. It's a good story.

Photo 2013 11 03 13 56 40

I don't have a picture.

I was interested in some of the things the students made.

  • Hiroshima Archives: A record of the moment the atomic bomb fell is reproduced based on photographs and information from local people. It is as if you were transported back in time to that era. It was both an idea and a highly accomplished work.

  • Rain Drop: A site where news falls like rain. They wanted to make the weight of the news exactly the same so that you can come across news and other things you have never seen before.

  • Fireworks: The fireworks that are launched depend on the balls that are set off. The weight of the balls is changed and is read by a pressure sensor.

  • Smartphone Goldfish Scooping: A work that uses an iPhone to release goldfish inside an iPad. I like the idea.

Looking forward to next year!


P>To be honest, there wasn't that much that was new, but I found a lot of new ideas.
I'd like to go back.