Summary of SEO measures set up when Story to Action was released

Good evening, this is Bono.

We renewed the service launched in July and officially released " Story to Auction: An Auction of Sellers' Thoughts" on December 6.


For the next, we will summarize the SEO measures we set up at the time of release as a reminder.

Setting up robots.txt

We placed robots.txt directly under the root directory as follows so that google crawler robots can efficiently go around the site.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /submit.php
Disallow: /confirm.php
Disallow: /list.php


Here, each means User-agent: Which search crawler to target. If not specified, Disallow: Pages that you do not want to be displayed in the search results. The guideline is whether the page is valuable to the user or not. It is better to narrow this down as much as possible. Sitemap: Describe the location where the sitemap is placed. See below for details.

The following site was very helpful.

How to write robots.txt|27 basics and concrete measures needed to improve internal SEO

Configuration of sitemap.xml

This is also a file that specifies the crawler to efficiently visit the pages we intend.

List the url and priority for the pages you want to turn as follows.
Note that the urlset should describe the latest schema.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<urlset xmlns="">

Refer to the following site.

Sitemap.xml (XML Sitemap) Installation and Submission|Index|SEO Summary

Setting meta information

Fill in the page title and meta information carefully.
However, it seems that only the title actually works and the meta information does not directly affect SEO.
Let's make sure to mention that it is only meant to improve the quality of the site.

<title>STORY TO AUCTION: 出品者の想いを綴ったオークション</title>
<meta name="description" content="STORY TO AUCTIONは、オークション出品者の出品までの想いが詠めるWebサービスです。どんな想いで購入したのか、どれだけ大切に扱われていたのか、そしてどうして手放すことになってしまったのか…。どうせ買うなら、想いを共感できた人から買いませんか?">
<meta name="author" content="buono">

Extra: site colon search

I didn't know this, but you can check the index status of a site by doing a google search with "site:" at the beginning of the URL as shown below.