Yahoo! Shopping is the best place to buy jumpers for your Raspberry Pi!

jumper wire

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Good evening, this is Bono.

When you are working with Raspberry Pi, you inevitably have many opportunities for jumper wires. Because the Raspberry Pi has protruding pins, a female jumper is necessary.

However, in general, most jumpers that come as electronic construction kits are of the double-sided male type.

Here is a reference for you when buying a new female jumper.

Buying on Amazon is expensive!

If you're thinking, "I'll just go to Amazon for these things," you might want to wait a bit.

There are not many cheap jumpers available on Amazon.

At the cheapest, 10 pieces of 15cm x 10 pieces cost more than 400 yen.

Shop for raspberry pi jumpers at Yahoo!

The recommendation is definitely Yahoo! Shopping.

What a surprise, there are 20cm x 10 pieces starting at 150 yen.

And since I can use T points, this time it was free even if I put 160 yen for shipping! (I'm not a turner, lol)

jumper wire

Male-Female Jumper Wire 20cm x 10pcs (10 colors) - Kuranakabunkaya - Shopping at Kuranakabunkaya!