Use your used iPhone4 or iPhone5 as a Beacon terminal!

Beacon Terminal

photo credit: davidyuweb via photopin cc

Good evening, this is Bono.

I am currently using an iPhone 5S, the third generation of iPhones that I have used as my own.

The first generation used iPhone4, the second used iPhone5.

Normally, these would be traded in and cashed out.

However, I had both of my successive generations on hand due to a cracked LCD or some other timing issue.

Here are some of these past uses of the iPhone.

Do you have an iPhone on hand that you have used in the past?

Broken iPhone

I have the above two iPhones that I used in the past.

The iPhone 5 has a cracked LCD as well as a power button that no longer works.

The home button is no longer working on the iPhone 4.

If you want to make the most of your past iPhones, turn them into Beacon terminals!

In fact, iOS has supported iBeacon since 7.1 and can operate as both peripheral (sender) and central (receiver).

iPhone4, iPhone5 can install iOS7.1, which means it can work as a Beacon terminal.

How to make a Beacon terminal

A past blog on how to turn an iPhone into a Beacon device was helpful.

Beacon Terminal

[iOS 7] Using iBeacon, a New Territory Observation Service | Developers.IO

Successfully converted to Beacon terminals!

Peripheral (originating) side


Central (receiving) side