Participated in the Yahoo! JAPAN Creative Award MeetUp

Good evening.
I was quite busy today, juggling three events.
The first meeting was with a game production company, the second was with an e-commerce site production company, and the third was this MeetUp for the Yahoo!

I joined the event without really understanding the rules, but just wanted to get a designer.
I am looking for designers for MashUp Award 9, which will be held this year as well.
Putting aside my ulterior motive, let's GoGo.

By the way, I forgot to apply and the deadline had passed, but when I e-mailed them directly, they graciously allowed me to apply. This kind of flexibility is very important.

18:45 Arrival at the venue

People are still sparse.
I was a bit tired from the third event (and I was coming from Shizuoka), but I chatted with the web designer sitting next to me until 7:00 p.m. She was a beautiful woman, but I was quite dazzled by how active her business card was. She was a beautiful woman, but I was quite taken aback by how active her business card was. Over beers, we shared what we have been working on recently. I love this loose time.
Furthermore, we shared information with the person sitting next to us.
I was shown the typography, etc. The quality is too high even though they are students. I also showed them the Story to Auction that I created at the affiliate-a-thon the other day. It's useful to have something to show quickly at a time like this. I am glad I participated in the Affiliate-thon.
(Just not at a practical level yet...)

19:00 Start of event

The moderator briefly explained the event and the purpose of the contest.
After that, the first session was a presentation by the team that won last year's general category.
Its name is 1minuteQuest.
It was an RPG-style game that could be played in a minute and was quite loose.
Various scenarios were prepared, but I was amused by a scenario in which the hero changed his job to a farmer and plowed the fields, so the princess was left alone.
Although simple, each character, dialogue, screen, and other details were surprisingly well done. The Gold Award was also a nod of approval. I'm sure it will win the gold award.
Search Yahoo for how to beat the last boss! It's an interesting use of Yahoo.

19:30 Start of the second session

This was also amazing.
The website was created by a company called SIX to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Mori Building, but I felt that it went beyond the realm of the Web.
Please watch the video below for 3 minutes and feel cheated.
The content is real, as it was applauded by the audience in the advertising category of the Cannes International Advertising Festival and won the Silver Award.
The level of perfection is not half as high as it should be.

A beer while appreciating this promo is also very special!

For this Yahoo contest, he said, it must be simple and complete. Interactivity is important, so if it doesn't work, we can't do anything about it.

20:00 Start of social exchange

A fairly rough style of talking with people you like while drinking and eating freely. It was a standing buffet style, and most of the other people seemed to be there alone, so the atmosphere was such that you could walk up to them and talk as soon as your eyes met theirs. Everyone seems to be looking for engineers and designers. Of course, I was one of them.
My impression was that there were more designers than engineers?
There were also people doing video-related work, sound-related work, planning, etc. I think it was quite a diverse group. There were even people who came from Nagoya on a business trip. Shizuoka is nothing to sneeze at.
After talking to many people, it seems that everyone still has no idea about this contest. I mean, like myself, most of them don't even know exactly what the rules are, lol.
I could not get much information from the web site.
Oh well. We still have a month to go, so let's be patient.

So, if you are considering a team, we look forward to working with you.