Hackathons in the first half of 2014!


photo credit: hackNY via photopin cc

Good evening, this is Bono.

It seems that many hackathons are being held throughout Japan this year.

As the first half of the year is coming to a close, I will summarize the hackathons that have been discussed.

NHK Hackathon


NHK HACKATHON | International Press 2014 | NHK BS1

A hackathon organized by NHK with the theme of new ways to enjoy TV news programs.

The grand prize was awarded to a 5-second GIF news story, which is a good idea unique to the web.

TBS Hackathon



This is another media-sponsored hackathon.

This also seems to have been televised. As far as I know, this is the first hackathon involving a TV station.

I wanted to leave too!
And the team I know won. It's frustrating.

Incidentally, the winning entry was a doll named Teleboo, which is said to be able to recommend programs and change channels automatically while conversing.
It's the remote control of the future, as they change it according to people's preferences.

Gugen Hackathon


Gugen2014 "Kokuyo-Wacom" Hackathon "Conference of the Future" - Japan's Largest Hardware Contest Gugen | Doorkeeper

Gugen is an organization that organizes the largest hardware contest in Japan.

This hackathon is a collaboration with Kokuyo Wacom to bring the conference of the future to life.
Conferences are a field that all manufacturers have their eyes on, and it would be interesting to see a hackathon enter into it.

I wanted to go to this one too!

NASA Hackathon


International Space Apps Challenge 2014|NASA-sponsored simultaneous global hackathon in Tokyo, Japan

I didn't know about this one, but it is a global hackathon, sponsored by NASA and held simultaneously around the world.

With 150 participants, the event was held on an unprecedented scale.

A hackathon can get messy with 50 people, but it's amazing that 150 people came together.

I am quite interested in the API being provided by NASA.
I think I'll try to get out next year.

Winkle Hackathon


Winkle Hackathon -The World's Easiest Appcessory Hacking - Winkles | Doorkeeper

This is the first hackathon for Winkle, which calls itself "the world's easiest appcessory.

Because of the device's simple functionality and message, I have a feeling that it will explode in popularity if it is marketed.

Good luck, Mr. President!

Extra: Super Hackathon



This is another hackathon known to those in the know, although it doesn't seem to have been held yet this year.

Usually a hackathon lasts two days at most, but this one will take a whole week.

Of course, normal working people work during the day and spend their evenings here working with their team members.

It's tough but looks fun.