The basics: BLE modules are grouped into four types.

Good evening, this is Bono.

I am planning to use BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to create an anti-lost-and-found system.

In the course of our research, we have learned that there are various types of modules, so we will summarize them here.

  • Built-in type
  • Portable type
  • PC connection type
  • Special type

Built-in type

It is designed to be fixed to a wall or a pillar and send a notification when a smartphone (person) approaches there.
They are mainly used in stores and event venues.

Typical examples include

Proximity Beacon by estimote


Estimote Beacons - real world context for your apps

It seems to be the most well-known of the types provided.
The design jumps out at me and is very cute. Very favorable.

Although it is made overseas, it seems to be usable in Japan as it has acquired the technical qualification.

The SDK is in place, and $59 for three with specs of a 2-year battery and 70m range is a pretty good deal.
As a side note, they are also listed on Mercari.

However, the problem is that the batteries are not replaceable.
The following blog has been forced to break it down, but it is probably unofficial.
I changed the battery of Estimote Beacon (beacon).

Aplix MyBeacon General Purpose Type

appendix (of a book, etc.)

MyBeacon® General-purpose Type MB004Ac-DR1

This is handled by a Japanese company.

Naturally, it has acquired technical certification and seems to have good battery life, powered by two AA batteries.
No other detailed specifications could be found.

The only way to buy 10 pieces for 25,000 yen is likely to be a bottleneck in the purchase process.

Portable type

While the above was a bit large assuming it is fixed, this is a compact and lightweight type that is designed to be carried around.

It is used for searching for lost items, attaching to pets, etc.

Sticker Beacon by estimote

estimote sticker

Estimote Beacons - real world context for your apps

Again it is the estimote company.

This is also cute! I want one just by looking at it.

Moreover, at 10,000 yen for 10 pieces, each piece seems relatively inexpensive at 1,000 yen.

With a 1-year battery life and a range of 7m, the specifications are inferior to those of the equipped type, but the 3mm thickness and excellent portability make it useful.

Wistiki, a Starch Company


Find your belongings on your smartphone! 100% French Wistiki by Starck collection - MotionGallery Crowdfunding

The device is made in France and has raised a whopping 40 million yen through crowdfunding.

With a communication range of 100m and a 3-year battery, the specs are 2,500-3,000 yen per unit, depending on the plan.

It is not cheap, but it seems to have many fine innovations, such as sounding to let you know where it is, being waterproof, and so on.

Logitec BLE Tag


LBT-MPVRU01 Series - Logitech Corporation

It is about 2,000 yen on Amazon.
Compared to the above two companies, the design is not so good,

PC connection type

This type is the most familiar to you.
I think you can usually buy it at an electronics store.

It can be used to control each Bluetooth module from a PC or programmatically.

It can be powered from USB and is characterized by its small size.

Since there seem to be so many different types, I will introduce only one.



Bluetooth Ver.4.0+EDR/LE Compact USB Adapter

The actual price is about 1,500 yen. It is not cheap even for a small size.

The maximum distance is 25 meters.

Special type

In addition to the above, there are modules that are powered by sunlight and do not require batteries, modules with various built-in sensors, etc.

It seems that there will be many more types in the future.