Documents of interest related to MBD

Introduction to Model-Based Control Design

Introduction to Model-Based Control Design - Making Control Design Smoother


It is very easy to understand because it is like the real MathWorks.


AMS Expo Content


The subsystems of simulink will be used as behavioral models for AMS simulations.

I'm not sure, but does it work with the SPICE circuit?

Fact-finding Survey on Development

Survey Report on Advanced Model-Based Development of Embedded Systems


Not much, how much is it used by the public? This is a document that summarizes how much it is used in the world, which is not often seen. This is information that is not usually available, so it will be useful.

V Process



MILS/SILS/HILS/PILS and the V-shaped process are well organized on one page.

It also mentioned UML and simulink integration! First time I've seen that.