I want to make a gadget that sends information from a keychain doll to an iPhone or computer.

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The child will be born next spring.

My wife wanted to see if we could make something like this, because she had heard that it would be a tremendous help to pregnant women.
This time, I'm just going to go through the research for now.

It's a gadget that relieves the anxiety of pregnant women

That means a device that can call a cab or send a text message to your parents or husband when you go into labor.
And all of this can be done with a single touch.

She is very anxious because she does not know when the contractions will come and it may be when she is alone.
A problem that is difficult for me as a man to understand.

At first I wasn't too keen on the idea, but then I decided to do a little research because I knew that some of my wife's seniors had had the same concerns, so I thought this might be a need.

As for the specifications, do you think I should have a cute doll that looks like a pregnant woman? I think I'll put it in a handmade doll that's an extra from the egg club. Can communicate with iPhone or pc Is the battery dead? I want to eliminate the anxiety of " Is the battery dead? The text of the e-mail can be edited

Arduino is the way to go!



I remember a speaker at a CSSNite I attended in the past who mentioned that he had created a keychain that mumbles on its own when it gets light.

I'll quickly email them and ask them how they did it.
The actual product was a little different from what he imagined, but he has some hints below.

Designers' First Electronics Workshop (1): Arduino automatically tweets goodnight messages when it gets dark.

Fun with Processing | Blog | (Reference) Let's tweet about room brightness!

Tweet Library for Arduino

Tweeting seems to work this way. But I think it will be difficult for wireless.

Also, from what I was told, WiFi is not practical because it drains the battery.

Bluetooth (variety of short-range wireless LAN)

Getting Started with Arduino! (3) Bluetooth Edition | Think IT describes how to do wireless communication via Bluetooth. It may be helpful.

Realistically, I would prefer to send it to the iPhone via Bluetooth.
However, due to the limitations of the standard for Bluetooth communication with the iPhone, it is difficult to find a device that could make this happen.

If you want to use Android, there are the following and others. It came up in a search right away and seems to be a well-known type.

Easy! Bluetooth(R)-Serial (UART) Module [RBT-001]

I want to use Bluetooth communication with my iPhone!

This device may be exactly right for such a situation.

konashi - A physical computing toolkit for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

It firmly says iPhone support.
The word on the street is that it appears to have been created by Yucai Industries.

But the price is 9,980 yen. Not a price I can afford right away. Let's wait and see.

What about Xbee?


Speaking of small, wireless communication, there is also this Xbee. But it looks like this Xbee also only supports Android?

Switch Science - XBee

Arduino + Bluetooth communication module combination

According to the following site, it seems to be able to communicate with mac and windows.

Architectural Invention Workshop 2008: Arduino-Processing BlueTooth Communication + Bending Sensor


Wireless Communication with Arduino Netsudo

Bluetooth Modem BlueSMiRF - BlueSMiRF WRL-10268 - Net Sales


Conclusion carried over

I found out that there are several devices that can communicate wirelessly, but I haven't found the right one yet.

Let's look for some more.