I want to create a service that uses maps, so I’m going to use the Google Maps API.

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Although the deadline for Mashup Award 9 has passed, the

Good evening, this is Bono.

The deadline for Mashup Award 9 has passed, but I want to complete more web services in a bad way.
In case you are wondering, the works are eligible at the time of judging, so they are allowed to make revisions even after the deadline.

Since this is a map-based service, leave sites, etc. that you researched when you included Google Maps API functionality.

Move markers on the map by drag & drop

[ Google Maps ] Sample of dragging a marker to get coordinates. You can also search by address! - Diary of a Web Director Working in Udon Prefecture

About EventListener Functions

Note that this is diverse.

Event Listener: Event listener [JavaScript / DOM]

Customize markers and map colors.

For example, if you want to change a marker to an image, this is the way to do it.

Customize map colors, markers with Google Maps API v3 | Diglog

Clear all added markers.

Note that there is simply no single command that can erase them all. It is necessary to turn them in a loop for the number of pieces.

[JavaScript] [Google Map JavaScript API v3] Clear all markers added to Google Map

Delete multiple markers from the map at once - Google Maps Usage Guide

Fixed zoom controller display corruption.

I was suffering from a display collapse, so this site helped me out.

Fixing display collapse of zoom control and callouts in Google Maps API | Umiza no Funaka Hakusaku

When you want to add an address search window

A useful API was newly provided. I think this is a very Google-like feature, so much so that I would call it a Google Map.
I would not hesitate to use it. I think it's a must for map services.

Places Autocomplete - Google Maps JavaScript API v3 - Google Developers

Place multiple markers

It can be used when you want to place markers in a group. This MVCArray was used in this case as well.

Google Maps API V3 Introduction and Beginner's Sample Collection Multiple markers (using MVCArray)