What I studied to take the Web Design Skills Test Level 2

What is the Web Design Skills Test?

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As stated on the Web Design Skills Certification website, this is a national certification for all people involved with the web. At this time, it is the only national certification in the web-related field. 1 to 3 levels are available, and according to the Royal Road of Qualifications, the pass rate is 60 for level 3 %、1級で23%.

I got my Level 3 in July and am studying for Level 2 in September. One week to go, what can I do now?

In the meantime, there is an official reference book out there, so I bought it and read it from the beginning. The content is thin, but it's good because it's a fairly comprehensive introduction to the history of the web, legal affairs, security, etc. In terms of usage, I recommend that you look up words or genres you don't understand online with this book in hand.

Notes on what I studied for the 9/1 exam

(taking) notes

  • Organizations: W3C, ICANN, IETF, IEEE, JIS
  • ARPANET : Experimental system for military networks, the origin of the Internet
  • RSTP : protocol for streaming
  • HTTP1.1 : The newest HTTP protocol version. HTTP0.9 had only GET. HTTP1.0 has POST and so on.
  • Copyright: Ideas are not copyrightable. Expressions can be.
  • Usability: ISO 9241-11 for international standards, JIS Z8521 for Japan.
  • Pay-for-Performance, Guaranteed Click, Click & Mortar, etc.
  • Occupational health guidelines due to VDT work: this word was used a little bit in the third level.
  • Security: Cross-site scripting, SQL injection
  • PKI
  • Provider Liability Limitation Act: formally the "Act on the Limitation of Liability for Damages of Specified Telecommunications Service Providers and the Disclosure of Identification Information of the Senders
  • Image compression method: jpeg, png, gif
  • Server fundamentals: availability, reliability, fault tolerance, mean time to recovery, scale-up, scale-out, OLTP
  • Hardware maintenance management: RAID, recovery

practical skill

  • photoshop, illustrator, fireworks, dreamweaver, flash


Is the click-and-mortar type, in other words, the same concept as what we now call O2O?