The wikipedia web server was still HTTP 1.0.

*I checked again today and found that it is now HTTP 1.1. Huh, why the change? Please leave the following article alone lol

I was researching HTTP 1.1 and its history for my study for the Web Design Skills Test and noticed this.

wikipedia's web server was HTTP 1.0.

I used a mac app called HTTP Fetcher to look up a wikipedia page that I happened to be looking up. Then the following display appears. skitch.6

Hey, it's HTTP 1.0! According to about:HPW's blog, HTTP1.0 is much slower than 1.1. I thought that wikipedia was somehow slower than 1.1. Is it OK for the world's wikipedia to use such a slow server?

Because Yahoo! skitch.9

Also Jalan, skitch.8

And Nico, skitch.7

All the sites that seem to get a lot of traffic are HTTP 1.1.

So did wikipedia in other countries.

I checked carefully and found that all other countries were also using HTTP 1.0.

The U.S. also, skitch.5

Germany also, skitch.4

Some minor countries that I don't know well, skitch.3

Do you still need more manpower?

The following indication appears from time to time on wikipedia. As noted here, it looks like we are quite short on staff and funds. Is it not worth the trouble to migrate to HTTP 1.1? Or is HTTP 1.0 more convenient for a system called a wiki? If anyone knows, please let me know.