How to use drag events in jQuery’s draggable method

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Hello, this is Bono.

The draggable method of jQuery is quite useful and handy.
It would be a huge hassle to implement.

There are three types of drag events available, so I will leave this as a reminder of how to use them.



Event options.


An event that occurs immediately after a drag is initiated. An example is shown below.
It may not have many uses, but it's good to keep in mind.

    start: function(){


An event that occurs while being dragged. This could be used for switching images that seem to float in mid-air, switching text, etc.

    drag: function(){


An event that occurs immediately after a drag ends.

    stop: function(){

This time, we added a small trick to the Google Maps API map: adding markers by dragging them from other elements.

I'll put it up again soon.


Draggable - jQuery UI API 1.8.4 Japanese Reference - StackTrace