How to link openFrameworks and Arduino

It seems that if you write a library called Firmata to Arduino, you can also write Arduino on the host PC (Mac Book Air in my case).
This is useful and should be included.

Main reference sites

The following is the best reference. I followed this one myself. I was troubled by errors in some places, but at that time, I referred to the sites listed below.

Where to download Firmata

Below is the official Firmata download location.

FirmataSample Location

The location of the Firmata sample was not very clear.
The following sites are helpful.

When the Arduino is not recognized

If openFrameworks does not recognize the Arduino, the usb name on the FirmataSample is most likely different from the actual one.
The following site is helpful. By the way, I didn't recognize it either, but this was the cause.

The name of the usb connected to the following folder is listed.