Hardware] For Gadget Making! Microcontrollers and boost type DC/DC converters operating at low voltage were investigated.

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Recently, by chance, I have had more opportunities to develop gadgets. Since gadgets are required to be portable and compact, they need to operate with limited power.

In this issue, we have investigated microcontrollers that operate at low voltages and step-up DC/DC converters that support low input voltages, so we leave this as a history.

Low-voltage microcontroller

Renesas RX200


General-Purpose Microcontroller "RX200" with Low-Voltage Operation and Low Power Consumption | Renesas Electronics Corporation

Operation at 1.62V is possible at 20MHz or lower.



16-bit Ultra-low Power Microcontroller MSP430 - Low Voltage Series - MSP430C092 - TI

This is also driven by a fairly low voltage.
0.9V to 1.5V at 1MHz and 1.5V to 1.65V at 4MHz.

Epson S1C63000


Epson Begins Mass Production of Ultra-Low-Power 4-Bit Microcontrollers Operating at 1.1 V, Extending Service Life with a Single Button Battery (February 23, 2010) | News Releases | Topics | Epson

This one is 1.1V! It is driven at 4MHz.

Sanyo LC87FA308A

Developed low-voltage, ultra-low power "8-bit Flash microcontroller

I noticed that the homepage had disappeared. It seems to be disconnected.

Step-up DC/DC converter for low input voltage

Seiko Instruments Inc. S-8351/8352


S-8351/8352 | Semiconductor Division, Seiko Instruments Inc.

Above is the input voltage of 0.9V.

There are many other types.

Seiko Instruments Inc.

Switching Regulator (DC/DC Converter) | Semiconductor Division, Seiko Instruments Inc.



PFM Step-up DC/DC Converter HT7750A (5 pieces): Power Supply General Akizuki Denshi Tsusho Electronic Components Net Sales

This is the type that turns a voltage of about 0.7V into 5.0V.

There are also other types that use 3.3V. It would be good to use different types depending on the application in which they are used.



LTC3108 0.02V Ultra-low Voltage Boost Converter - LTC3108 - Net Sales

This is a module and is for reference only.
However, the ultra constant voltage input of 20mV is attractive.

I wonder if there is anything smaller in size.