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0:15 Introduction of home-made gadgets for childcare
1:53 Introduction of home-made gadgets for yourself
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Practical homemade gadgets at large

I hear a lot about electronics, but I don't know what in the world it can do.

I'm afraid the scope of electronics in a nutshell is too broad to be of any use!

This time, I would like to show you seven gadgets I have made so far. I would like to show you seven gadgets that I have made so far.

This article will reveal gadgets that can be used for childcare, caregiving, and personal use, and you may find one that you want as well.

This article will give you an idea of what you can do with electronics, and you will want to start working with them!

Introduction of home-made gadgets for childcare

Let us begin by introducing gadgets related to childcare.


The first is a gadget called "mimie" that watches over children with "sound.

Even if a child goes off to play somewhere out of sight of the parents, the "mimie" attached to the child's clothing will hear the child's voice on behalf of the parents.

They listen to the child's voice instead of the parent's.

If they are humming or seem to be in a good mood, let them play as they are, and only when they cry or get into trouble, they will send their whereabouts and notifications to their parents' line.

Notification of whereabouts and notifications on PapaMama's line

As children grow up, their sphere of activity becomes wider and wider, so I wanted to nurture their sense of adventure as much as possible, which is what inspired me to create "mimie".

Please also see the promotional video on the system and how to use it.


IoT Globe

Next up is a new educational gadget called "IoT Globe.

The IoT Globe.

This is a device that can change the time zone of fixed-point cameras around the world displayed on a PC by rotating the globe.

A device that can change the time zone of fixed-point cameras around the world displayed on a PC by turning a globe.

I wanted children to learn about the relationship between the rotation of the earth and time in a hands-on way.

The method of production is explained in the following video and in the July 2021 issue of Interface.



Interface, July 2021.

Yakitori Puzzle

Next is the "Yakitori Puzzle".

The Yakitori Puzzle.

As you can see, this is a one-of-a-kind original puzzle in which the ingredients of the yakitori can be placed on the board.

One evening there was this episode.

I had an appointment to go to a yakitori restaurant with my family, but my wife informed me that she would be late.
So that my children would not get bored during the waiting time, I created a "Yakitori Puzzle" in a rush using a laser cutter.

Baby Monitor

The last childcare gadget is a "baby watching monitor.

I made this based on my wife's comment that "sometimes I feel uneasy because I can't see her face" at the following times.

Anxious timing without face to face
  1. Taking out the trash with children left at home
  2. Driving with a child in a baby seat in the back seat

Even in such anxious times, the monitor allows me to see my child's face for peace of mind!

Introduction of home-made gadgets for yourself

cocktail cube

Next is a gadget I created for myself, a "cocktail cube.

Cocktail Cube.


The "Cocktail Cube" is a gadget that turns a room into the color of cocktails.

They color the room in cocktail colors.

When I was addicted to alcohol, I thought, "It would be nice if I could enjoy not only the taste but also the color more," so I created this product.

Originally, we had intended to use it for whisky, but we realized during the production process that we could not express the subtle differences in color of each whisky, so we switched the target to cocktails, where the differences in color are easier to express.

Switch the target to a cocktail that easily expresses differences in color.

The following video shows a promotional video and instructions on how to make the "Cocktail Cube."

digital mahjong

Next is "Digital Mahjong".
*It is still in the conceptual stage.

Digital Mahjong

Digital Mahjong has the following features

Digital Mahjong Features
  1. Mahjong Tile Digitization
  2. fully automatic mahjong table
  3. Enjoy Mahjong together with distant partners

I had a group of friends who used to play mahjong a lot, but it was getting harder and harder to get together due to family commitments and other reasons, so I came up with the idea.

However, we found out that there were 144 mahjong tiles in total and the cost of parts would be quite high, so we abandoned the project halfway through.

Introduction of homemade gadgets for caregivers

Next is a gadget fabricated for nursing care.

Gadgets fabricated for care

This is a device that plays music at a set time each day to let you know it is time to take your medicine.

I have a relative who has a chronic illness, and I had heard that he often forgets to take his medicine, so I made this to prevent him from forgetting to take it.

For prevention of forgetting to take

It happened to be Christmas time, so I was able to plant this device inside a stuffed animal and give it as a surprise gift.


The last one is a bonus.

When you work with electronics, you have many opportunities to work with 3D models, and once you acquire modeling skills, you can use them in a wide range of applications in your daily life.

3D model

For example, designing furniture layouts, garden booklets, etc., it was difficult to try things out in the real world.
In such cases, we simulated many times with models and chose the best one.

Simulate many times with models

This is one of the things I was able to achieve because of my electronic work.

advice of a point (advice that may be helpful to some people)

Finally, I have one last piece of advice.

I still think it is important to have a strong desire to realize this when doing electronic construction.

It is important to have a strong desire to make this happen.

We have introduced many gadgets, but the process of making them requires a lot of knowledge about software, electricity, mechanics, the web, and manufacturing tools.

Lots of knowledge required, including software, electrical, mechanical, web, and manufacturing tools.

There, I had to learn a lot of knowledge, including things that were outside my field of expertise, and I almost lost my nerve many times when I ran into difficulties.

It was this feeling of "I'm going to make it " that sustained me at that time.

The feeling of

It is hard work until you get used to it, but once you can do these flows in one step after a few, you will enjoy electronic construction by leaps and bounds.
Until then, don't give up and keep trying!


In this issue, I would like to introduce seven gadgets that I have made so far for those who are wondering "What can I end up making with electronics? I have introduced seven gadgets I have made so far for those who have the question, "What can I end up making?

If you can do electronic construction, you will be able to materialize your ideas as we have shown here.

If you have something you want to achieve, why not try your hand at electronics?

We also provide explanations of the minimum knowledge and tools that you should acquire for electronic construction, so if you want to deepen your understanding, please take a look at that as well.