What to do when “Missing required icon file” appears during build

Missing icon file

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This section describes how to deal with build errors when submitting applications for distribution.

Errors during build

Missing required icon file. The bundle does not contain an app icon for iPhone / iPod of exactly '57x57' pixels, in .png format iOS versions < 5.0.

The following error may occur at build time.

Somehow deciphering this, I don't see the 57x57 icon in versions prior to iOS 5.0. I guess it's like.

Missing icon file

How to deal with it

Since we could not find a drastic solution, we will force them to not support iOS prior to 5.0.

So, you can set Deployment Target to 5.0 or higher as shown below.

Missing icon file


This fixed it for me. Please try it.

However, this method does not seem to work for versions prior to iOS 5.0. Please let me know if there is a better way.