Ranking of Vim commands I use most often after 2 years of Vim experience

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I have always used Vim to create web services. I have been using Vim for about two years now. As a reminder, I summarized the commands that I often use (but easily forget).

1. Create a new tab


2. Close the current tab


3. start over


4. cancel

Ctrl + r 

There is a big difference between knowing this and not knowing this.

5. Move the screen halfway down.

Ctrl + d

6. Move the screen halfway up.

Ctrl + u

7. Move to the first line


8. Move to the bottom line


9. Delete and copy lines from the specified line

Type ms on the start line, me on the end line, and then the following command

:'s,'ed (削除) :'s,'ey (コピー) 

This is quite useful.

10. Batch Replace in File


Note that I often forget.

11. Change line break tag

When a file edited on windows is opened on a mac, there are times when it has strange line feed tags and the text has been packed. In such cases, this is the solution.

:set fileformat = mac :set fileformat = unix 

This is also fine :set ff = mac :set ff = unix