Participated in PHP Conference 2013

This is the first time I have attended a PHP conference.
PHP Conference 2013 photo-2013-09-15-1-25-20

I haven't touched PHP much lately, but since it is the language that was the root of my web service creation, I had some free time and decided to give it a try.

general flow

The venue is in front of Keikyu Kamata Station and the schedule is from 10:00-17:00. This year, for the first time (perhaps), the event was co-located with WordCamp, a large WordPress event, and was very lively.

The atmosphere of the venue is like this. photo-2013-09-14-15-43-48



There will be a total of about eight venues, including the main stage, where the PHP Conference and WordCamp will be divided into two halves and each half will hold a session of about 30 minutes to an hour.
They were quite strict with time, and although there was a question period at the end, it was usually skipped due to running out of time.

The content of the sessions ranged from technical discussions on MySQL to beginners' topics such as what WebAPI is. It was useful in the sense that I gained a broad range of knowledge, but there were some sessions that I knew most of what was discussed, which was a bit disappointing at times.

Introduction of memorable items

Impact of Meta data on SEO

I didn't know this, but Meta keywords and Meta description in the header are not directly related to Google ranking. Apparently Google was quoted as saying this. However, according to the explanation during the session, they may appear in the snippet, where they attract users' attention and affect the number of users, so they cannot be ignored if you want to attract more users. That's right.

And, similarly, if you search well these days, you may find people's photos. The presence or absence of a photo does not affect the ranking. It is only used to increase the credibility of the user.

MySQL is a stupid child.

As I have been dealing with PHP + MySQL as a typical language when it comes to web services, I have no idea about other databases.  However, it seems that MySQL is not as easy to use as other SQL languages.
I couldn't really tell how bad it was. Rather, the microphones in the other sessions were so loud that I could hardly hear them. Hmmm, too bad.

Vagrant is good.

When I joined the event in the middle, the speaker, who already had a Kansai accent, was talking passionately about Vagrant. I didn't know about Vagrant, but it seems to be a development environment building tool.

To summarize the advantages

  • Can be done in different environments for different projects
  • Can also be used on CI servers.
  • A sense of security that can be built anytime: not a secret sauce, but a sauce that can be made and changed every day! That's what impressed me.

A group of APIs I didn't know about

  • Zenrin's Map Data API: I knew that APIs were available, but I didn't know that it was possible to get information on traffic congestion and the congestion of people in the area. For example, it could be used for various purposes, such as choosing a meeting place from uncrowded areas.
  • WebPay: billing system. I didn't know this one. This is an API that makes it easy to implement credit card payment functions, which is definitely going to be used for services like Twilio where money is involved. Check it out.
  • Drupal: a CMS. It is said to be strong in user management. I'll try it next time.

What's it like LT?

Kita Kita Kita's favorite, the LT competition over beer!

The style was unusual, with five people on the PHP conference side and five people on the WordCamp side taking turns working together. Furthermore, when the time limit (3 minutes) comes, a mysterious masked wrestler plays a drum. photo-2013-09-14-16-18-59


One person who impressed me was a person who said he is working with a group called Legacies on the PHP side. He said they are fighting against legacy code. He was saying that they are fighting against legacy code, and this time, he was making fun of WordPress, forcing to erase mysql_connect error which has been decided to be discontinued, having 1000 global variables, and so on.

After that, the CodeIgniter license issue is no longer a problem! The ruling is that the CodeIgniter license issue is not a problem!

On the WordCamp side,

If we succeed, it's my fault, if we fail, it's everyone else's fault.

The chairperson of the executive committee laughed and said

It was quite worthwhile.

I didn't get to hear all the sessions I wanted to hear because I joined in the middle of the event, but I'll be back next year. I guess I would like to have a little more up to date knowledge of the server side then.