MVC and Object Oriented

Ever since I started studying, I could not clearly explain the difference between the two.

Here is a somewhat pretty neat explanation of it.
You've helped me many times with Yahoo! Wisdom.

In other words, comparing MVC to object-oriented is misguided to begin with.

In architecture, MVC is a way of thinking when drawing a blueprint for a house.
In terms of electricity, this is the concept when designing a printer.
There is a manager who oversees the project and each designer who follows his/her instructions and produces results according to the manager's instructions. The manager is the one who receives the user's (customer's?) request. The manager receives requests from the users (customers?) for this kind of thing! The manager receives requests from users (customers?). And sometimes, he/she looks at customer information or product cost information in a database. This is the model. Am I right?

On the other hand, object-oriented is one of the methods to implement what kind of considerations and instructions are given by each person or manager in charge of the project.
The person in charge may, for example, follow the instructions, or he or she may digest the information and tag-team with other persons in charge to do what they are good at in their respective areas of expertise.

Hmmm...not so good. I'll write again when I understand more.