Initial setup of Raspberry Pi Zero W

OS Installation

Japanese language settings/keyboard settings

Japanese font was displayed in Japanese without it.

→I thought I had it, but I still had to put it in. It was garbled on the vim edit screen.

→apt-get install jfb whatsit didn't work.

No problem when viming via SSH Unknown cause

Wireless LAN Settings

Either write directly in /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf or configure WiFi on GUI

Easier to set up on GUI

However, if you do it with GUI, the SSID is typed solidly as it is (not encrypted).

Change boot to CUI instead of GUI

Easy to set up on the GUI

fixed IP (as opposed to mobile IP)

Note that for wifi, you need to set the interface wlan0 as shown in this link!

sudo service dhcpcd reload required after configuration

SSH Enable

Easy to do from the settings on the GUI.

apt-get system

Apt-get update

Apt-get upgrade

Apt-get Install vim


Enable UART TXD/RXD thing

This is the most helpful.