I’m going to CSS Nite in Shizuoka tomorrow!

It has been more than six months since I started on the Web.

I went to a lot of workshops and seminars in Tokyo, but they were all free.

So this CSS Nite will be the first paid workshop. http://cssnite-shizuoka.jp/vol04/

Web design, including CSS, is less complicated than server-side languages and is more of a physical challenge.

I bought Photoshop, Illustrator in order to be able to make serious web designs and mockups myself. I bought Photoshop and Illustrator in order to be able to make serious web designs and mock-ups...shadows, gradients, 3D, bevels, embossing...what else should I do? Mmmmmm.

I was excited to think about it, but it seems that flat design is the latest trend these days (although it has already been around for a year or two). Yeah, I've certainly seen it a lot. Feedly, which is a popular alternative to Google Reader, is a typical flat design. http://www.feedly.com/

So I tried to use flat design for my personal web service. However, I found it surprisingly difficult. Of course, the design is very simple because it cannot be decorated with shadows and so on. I personally think that simplicity is what we should aim for, but if anything, it just looks lazy.

This is an exquisitely difficult area, and requires the same level of attention to detail as a craftsman.

Back to CSS Nite.

For this day, it is easy to make a personal business card for the first time. I asked an acquaintance to make it for me. Yes, it's quite impressive. So far, I've been handing out business cards for the company I'm currently working for, and every time I've done so, people have asked, "Oh, is that a hardware store?" (This was not the case here.)" "Hey, this is not the place for someone like you, is it? (I'm very glad to be free from that stress.

Now, let's join tomorrow until the reception. My goal is to recruit members who can participate in the MashuUpAward, which is held every September. I don't have any concrete ideas yet, but I'm sure I'll be more motivated and work faster if I have friends nearby.

So, to those of you who will be here tomorrow, I look forward to working with you.