Comparison of Image Formats

2013/6/22 I'll try to lighten the weight of the photos used at the affiliateathon, as the photos with the camera were too heavy for big-chan (my friend).
The image format and size were changed using photoshop, and the conversion was compared while previewing on the save page for the web.
By the way, the top page image of Trippys was about 200kB, so that's my goal. Awesome beautiful image.

Original file: 25MB png-24
Quite heavy. It takes a long time every time it reads. About 5 seconds in my experience? Since it was placed on the top page, the work efficiency was quite poor. I wonder how they used to do hackathons with this kind of thing. I think. From now on, I'll do image lightening first.
The image is quite beautiful.

Converted file: 1.91MB jpeg, image quality 60
The image quality did not change at all. The image quality did not change at all. png is a format that also includes transparency, so I guess I just lost the transparency. png=jpeg+transparency alpha is a good way to think of it.

Converted file: 716kB jpeg, image quality 30
The quality of the image is not changed at all.

Converted file: 326kB jpeg, image quality 3
Further half. The picture quality, likewise, remains exactly the same.
The body speed is about 0.3 seconds. Totally different from the first time!

I could reduce the image size to half or even more, but it would be too rough if I enlarged it, so I think I'll just quit here.