What to do when loss becomes nan in chainer’s RNN

One of the causes of nan and inf may be a large absolute value as x in softmax cross entropy

They say normalizing the middle class is a good idea.


It didn't work.

I've heard that sometimes a lower learning rate can fix it.

Didn't work for me.



Nan solved!

If there are zeros in the data, log10(0) will produce the following error!

That would make it nan.

Deleting all these data solved the problem!

919d3c0e_nohash_0.wav loaded
43fc47a7_nohash_2.wav loaded
f47d644e_nohash_0.wav loaded
39543cfd_nohash_0.wav loaded
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train_snack.py:77: RuntimeWarning: divide by zero encountered in log10
P[m, :] = np.log10(np.absolute(X[m, :N/2])) # convert to logarithmic power spectrum (256 points)
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