Setup for using kinect on mac

I just bought a kinect, so I'm going to use it right away! I'd like to say that, but it seems that various settings are required.

I found detailed installation instructions on the following site, so I will proceed with reference to it.

No, I can't go on because there is some kind of directory missing or something.

:Sensor-Bin-MacOSX-v5.1.2.1 $ sudo ./ 
Installing PrimeSense Sensor

creating config dir /usr/etc/primesense...OK
copying shared libraries...OK
copying executables...OK
registering module 'libXnDeviceSensorV2KM.dylib' with OpenNI..../ line 111: /usr/bin/niReg: No such file or directory

We have no choice but to do it another way.

This is something to be pissed off about too.

-bash: ../libfreenect/platform/osx/libusb-osx-kinect.diff: No such file or directory

I was looking and this place looks pretty simple and easy! Let's do this.

The execution of the sample was taken care of by the following site.