Summary of sites that helped me when I used Google map API with cakePHP

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Good evening, this is Bono.

The deadline for Mashup Award9 is approaching.
I'm going to try my best to make one more step.

What we tried to do

Simply put, it's a map version of Tuttei goo! or Yahoo! Chiebukuro.

Most of these teaching sites are text-based, which makes it hard to ask when you want to ask in a place.
So we created a website where you can easily ask and answer questions on a map.

We plan to complete it a little more and submit it to Mashup Award9.

This time we used Google Maps. When you write a question and press the submit button on the form, the question is instantly displayed on the map.

You can also click on the pin to answer the question and see other people's past answers to that question.

Display the marker on the map

Geek Page: Assigning click event processing to markers

[JavaScript] Google Maps API V3 to display information window from a marker | Shakelog

Show info window on marker - Marker - Introduction to Google Maps API

Using Ajax with cakePHP

If you use a framework like cakePHP, it is quite complicated to deal with errors when they occur, because you don't create the content yourself.

I was quite annoyed by this Ajax as well.

Kioya Nikki II: CakePHP + Ajax + JSON

php/framework/CakePHP2.X/Ajax - pro-mame's program notes

AJAX - CakePHP Cookbook v1.3 documentation

Data exchange in JSON

Testing CakePHP Ajax (CakeTestCase) - zz log

How to output JSON data with CakePHP Ajax and about content-type | MT Systems

jQuery receives data in JSON format in CakePHP2 series - Qiita

Reading all data from a JSON file and adding new data | Category: AJAX | Work Notes

Adding data to an associative array in PHP

[PHP]How to add an associative array | Programming | EyeSketch | A company specialized in system development, website development, SEO, and printing (DTP) in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture

PHP in 10 Days Part 3: Arrays (Associative Arrays) | Bashalog.